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As a student you probably have so much on the go and so little time. Yet, more money is always welcome for tuition, party and travel! Instead of working all summer, here are my top favourite 15  side hustles you can use to make more money today:

1.Get Paid To Surf Online

You can get paid to search internet and watch videos! Simply sign up with Swagbucks and start earning money. Alternatively you can fill out online surveys and make money. My favourite one is user paid testing as they pay on average $10 for 15 minutes. Check out my article on how to make money with user testing.

2. Become a Pet Sitter/Baby Sitter/House Sitter

This is awesome and relaxing pastime for a busy student who can watch kids, pets or even housesit and get paid. Get your popcorn on and chill while

3.Tutor Away

If you are an A or A plus student, chances are you could cash in on your smarts. Simply advertise around campus your tutoring classes and watch money pour in especially around exam time.

4. Become a Textbook Reseller

This is a great idea that needs a bit of initial investment. Buy your friends books at the end of the year and simply sell them at the start of semester for a markup. Chances are you could be getting a handsome payout as a middleman.

5. Don’t Just Watch Become A YouTube Star

Always wanted to be a celerity? This may be your chance. Sign up for YouTube Channel and start creating awesome & fun content that people will love. Soon enough you could be seeing money roll in from your videos. Some people make it so big that they can live off YouTube! 

6. Be An AirBnB Boss

Free rent money, anyone? If you are renting a place and keeping it pristine you could occasionally rent it out to visitors in your city. Make sure you have an okay from your landlord though. Plan around your school breaks or hang out with your friends and family and cash in while away.

7. Become An Uber Driver

If you have a car and love to work on your own schedule, this is the easiest way to make money. With Uber you can become a driver easily. If driving people isn’t your thing, with UberEats you could be simply delivering food and making money. 

8. Become a Painter/House Cleaner & Organizer

If you have a passion for organizing things and keeping them clean consider selling your services to other students on campus! There are plenty of messy rooms that could use a makeover. Put an ad around campus and see it bring you some fresh, clean cash.

9. Work Out Some Money Become A Personal Trainer

If fitness is your thing, go ahead and help someone get fitter and healthier. You can also offer group classes and sign up more people making it cheaper for them and much more profitable and awesome for you.

10. Sell Your Crafty Work on Etsy 

Are you crafty? Etsy is your calling then! You can sell anything homemade on Etsy. The best part they make it easy to set up your page and receive payments easily, so you can get busy creating.

11. Sell Your Used Stuff on Ebay / Become An Amazon Seller

Have used stuff sitting around? Selling it can bring in some quick cash. You can also buy items and resell them at a higher price, you just have to do some research on hot selling items and invest some money upfront.

12. Run A Moving /Lawn Moving/ Snow Removal Service

If you are handy chances are you would love this side hustle. You can help students move in and out of residence for a small fee. Think about it, everyone has to move in & out. Also in winter/summer you can offer snow removal and lawn moving services in your neighbourhood.

13. Capture Moments, Become Photographer or Videographer

If you love taking photos on Instagram or making videos, you could as well make it a paid hobby. Offer to take photos to build your portfolio at first, and as you get better you can sell your services for weddings, engagements, or modelling sessions. You can also become someone’s YouTube videographer.

14. Try Out Being a Virtual / Real Life Assistant

Got some spare time and love to organize or shop? Why not become someone’s virtual assistant and help them organize their life or work? You get to work remotely as a virtual assistant and choose your hours. Alternatively, become someone’s personal shopper and run their errands for a fee.

15. Freelancing / UpWork or Fivver

If your writing skills are good and you enjoy writing, you could make serious money by writing blogs, articles, research papers and ebooks. Check out freelancing websites for writers and get writing. And if writing isn’t your cup of tea, freelance away any skill you have on UpWork or Fivver. 

16. Give Kickstarter a shot

This one is for daring ones, if you have brilliant ideas here and there, start your own Kickstarter and potentially create your very own million dollar business! 

Which one of these is your side hustle to go to?